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Carla D'Addesi

author, wife, mother, speaker...


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Julia Learns how to Marry Wisely

Julia spends an afternoon asking fun questions about love and marriage. But who is she supposed to marry? She discovers God’s marvelous plan for marriage with her mom’s help and the Bible. God’s way is always the best way!

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Julia Learns how to Vote Wisely

Meet Julia, who believes that learning is always FUN especially when she is with her big sisters, adorable dog Cocoa, feather boa and her rhinestone Bible!

“How old must I be to vote?” asks Julia.

Julia learns that voting is a huge responsibility and privilege. This book ensures that your little one is ready to exercise their right to VOTE at 18!

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Julia Learns how to Protect Life Wisely

What happens when Julia spends a warm Spring day in her big backyard with her whole family? She discovers all life must be protected no matter how small!

She is a little girl who continues to ask BIG questions on every page.

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Adoption: A Great Option

A heartwarming story of how two separate families, from worlds away become one family.
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